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A relaxing and enjoyable holistic treatment involving the application of pressure to areas of the feet which are traditionally thought to correspond with the different organs and systems of the body.

This therapy, which has its origins in ancient Egypt, China and India, is beneficial to help boost circulation, flush out toxins and lower stress levels. The aim is to restore the body to a state of homeostasis (balance) and, although it should never be painful, it is not uncommon to find tender areas which may correspond to symptoms you may be experiencing. While one session alone can bring much needed relaxation and even a blissful nights sleep, for the full benefit to be achieved a course of regular treatments is recommended.

I usually begin sessions with a Reflexology Lymph Drainage sequence which is universally beneficial. It is specifically designed to be a lighter touch sequence and can catch people out who were expecting pain. Reflexology does not need to be painful to be effective! Following that, I will work methodically through all the reflexes, paying extra attention to any where I find an imbalance. Your pre-treatment consultation will have informed me if you are struggling with any issues but it is essential to point out that we are not trained or permitted to diagnose or claim to ‘cure’ disease.

As with most complementary therapies, there are a handful of contraindications to reflexology so it is important that I have a chat with you before you book your first session.

  • full reflexology (minimum 60 mins)...................................................... £35
  • taster session (approximately 30 mins)................................................. £15

  • start with a relaxing foot soak using Tropic Ocean Fizz prior to either of the above treatments..... add £5

  • or go for the luxury option of a foot soak with gentle exfoliation using your own Tropic foot pebble which you can then take with you to continue using at home..... add £10

  • Book an appointment with The Little Lavender Room using Setmore

    If possible, try and wear something comfortable on your lower half which you can either roll up to the knee or which you are happy to remove (covers are provided). Although I appreciate you may need to go to work after your treatment, the benefits will obviously be maximised if you can take some time to rest.

    Foot Reflexology. Foot pebble

    Please note: approximate timescales are for treatment only. Please add 15 minutes to the start of your first treatment to allow for a full consultation.

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